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Vansauwa's Tacos and Vegan Eats started from the kitchen of Zirconia's southern mother in 2018, where Desaepa (pronounced Duh-sep-ay) sought out to make jerk chicken up to the standards of Zirconia's Bajan father who regularly prepared the dish in his home.

Once solidifying Vansauwa's Jerk Marinade, the pair decided to make jerk chicken tacos with this spicy sauce as well as pineapple-mango salsa and crisp red cabbage slaw.

After testing out their jerk chicken taco with family and friends across the country, the couple accidentally booked their first festival event. They rushed out to purchase a popup tent, a Blackstone griddle and coolers to keep everything cold until cook time.


The Caribbean taco tent turned out to be a hit, with customers waiting in long lines just to get a taste of their creation. Zirconia's dad even hopped on the prep line during that first event to quickly slice and dice fresh mangoes and to show them how it's really done on the grill.

Since that day in spring 2018, Vansauwa's Tacos and Vegan Eats has grown into a self-sustaining food trailer with plans to build an upscale container restaurant and rum bar in upcoming years. 


Our mission is to bring Caribbean flavors to a town near you. Along with making island dishes accessible, with some vegan variations, we want to highlight Black culture across the diaspora and celebrate the contributions of African ancestry. By showcasing young, black entrepreneurship, we hope to inspire our peers and the next generation to take the leap and build something that everyone can enjoy.


Mrs. Vansauwa is a graduate of WKU j-school, former editor-in-chief of the Kentucky New Era and co-owner/content and booking manager for Vansauwa's Tacos and Vegan Eats. She shines in creating flavor profiles and unique plating that compliments her Caribbean heritage.



Mr. Vansauwa is the visionary, founder and namesake of Vansauwa's Tacos and Vegan Eats. His entrepreneurial spirit launched one of the region's most popular food trucks. His love of food, fellowship and culture shines through the menu and at every event.

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